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Stadium App Development: Why Your Stadium Needs a Branded Mobile App?

April 29, 2016

A new research says that 57% of fans would rather watch the match at home than go to a stadium. No sports fan wants to miss the passion of a live game but for far too long, stadium experiences have been disappointing

They now prefer to flock to their couch instead and view a high definition televised match with easy access to amenities. It is understandable from a fan’s perspective, but this bodes misfortune for the stadium owners who generate a major portion of their revenue from fans through ticket sales.

In order to rope in a regular high capacity attendance, venue owners have to take measures to lure the fans back into their stadiums. To improve your bottom line, you need to improve and enhance fan engagement.


Why are your fans disappointed with your Stadium?

Recent times have seen a decline in fan feedback as a number of them are disappointed with stale hospitality at their respective home stadiums.

  • Long Queues for Food and Restrooms

Fans are especially unhappy about spending a lot of precious game waiting in queues at food stalls. It’s even more tedious and downright worrisome when one has to queue up to use the  restroom.

  • No Proper Parking Facilities

It is the stadium’s responsibility to accommodate every one of their attendees as well as their personal vehicles. It is a chore if the fans have to wear themselves out before the game to find a parking spot. As this becomes more of a regular hassle, fans are moving to opt for their own driveways and watch on the giant tele at home instead.

  • Difficulty to Navigate through Stadium Facilities

Stadiums are huge and it is fairly easy to get lost in the maze without proper navigation cues. When moving around, trying to locate things, becomes difficult, it leaves fans frustrated and bitter, so much so that some of them vow never to come back.

How Will a Branded Mobile App Help?

In the digital age, engaging fans through their smartphones is becoming a necessity. People like to stay connected and a mobile app helps them do just that. It can totally personalize the experiences of your fans by addressing some of their major inconveniences.

  • In Seat Food Ordering and Delivery

With your own branded mobile app, you can have your fans place their food order and have it delivered straight to their seats. No waiting in queues. No worries about missing the best moments. It becomes especially easier for families and large groups, where each member can view the menu and select the food of their choice.

If you have multiple venues, the app can auto detect the location and display the food menu of that particular venue.

  • Buy Tickets Online

Your fans can purchase tickets through your mobile app. They will be able view availability and the price of the tickets. They can even select their seat preferences. Moreover, as the app comes with a secure payment gateway, you or your fans don’t have to worry about the safety of mobile transactions.

  • Navigation, Maps and Wayfinding

A large stadium that hosts thousands of screaming fans, comes with its mazy numerous hallways. The mobile app comes with its own navigation tools to effectively direct you to your destination. It also maps the entire layout of the stadium with directions to various facilities, highlighting the ones that are nearest. One can even spot the facilities with the shortest queues.

  • Watch Replays on Demand

The app also provides comprehensive replays on demand in people miss out on the last tackle. A major reason why many fans prefer televised matches to live games is because it gives them the option to view replays or watch highlights. Your app can recreate similar experiences during live games too.

  • Buy Fan Memorabilia and Merchandise

Fan merchandise is an important aspect for a sporting club. It constitutes a major portion of their advertising and revenue. Everything from bobble-heads and foam fingers to signed jerseys and kits can be made directly available through the mobile app.

  • Parking Assistance

The mobile app allows the ticket holder to opt for a reserved parking space that is tagged with the ticket. This way parking hassles are no longer an issue and pique more interest in live matches.

How do you Stand to Benefit?

A mobile app allows fans to have a more connected experience to the stadiums they are in and this spells only good news for the owners.

  • Increased fan engagement

A mobile app ensures fans are privy to gameplay moments and replays as well as updates on game statistics. This provides a more immersive experience that cannot be delivered on televisions drawing more fans to the live game. Mobile apps with built in analytics also provide valuable customer data, which allows you to create more personalized experiences for your fans.

  • Increased Revenue

The app allows fans to be more updated on ticket availability and pricing and makes it easier to reserve tickets with just a smartphone. And if you complement your mobile app with beacons and stadium Wi-fi, you can push targeted promotions and offers to your fans, thereby increasing your chance to rope in additional revenue. Not to forget, being able to sell merchandise through your app is a great way to rope in big bucks.

  • Gives you a Competitive Edge

Being more technologically upgraded to provide an exceptional fan experience, especially to the digital natives, gives you an edge over competitors. This helps you draw in new fans and retain the loyalty of existing ones. All these factors will elevate the stature of your stadium.


In order to keep the flame of live games alive, stadiums need to enter the digital era and communicate with their fans through ways they love and appreciate. A mobile app is only one but an absolutely essential way to transform fan experiences. Leveraging your existing network infrastructure like in-stadium Wi-Fi will open up a whole new world of exciting possibilities for you.

A report from Cisco, reveals that over 200 venues including the Barclays Center, Texas AT&T stadium in Arlington, and the Etihad Stadium in Manchester, UK have converted to a full Wi-Fi system. Isn’t it time you stepped up your in-stadium experience too?

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