More than 90% of visitors at your venue are on mobile.
Are you engaging them?
If you’re a shopping mall, most of your visitors are certainly looking for offers, comparing products and prices on their phone. If you’re a convention center, be sure your guests are looking for more information around the current event. No matter what type of venue you run, smartphone is your best bet to create experiences and engage with your visitors. At July, we truly bring your venues to life on mobile. We work with some of the largest malls, stadiums, hospitals and convention centres to provide intriguing guest experiences, native and hybrid apps, sms to captive portal to m-web based lightweight mobile experiences. Engage your visitors, Build their Loyalty, Promote Impulse purchases and Drive Revenue.
What is our secret sauce for Venues?
Our product division has built and launched two platforms in the proximity space for customer engagement and customer experience.
We combine the power of our platforms with award winning app design, product engineering services to create a venue based mobile app experience that is truly world class.
WIFI Beacon
We combine the power of our platforms with award winning app design, product engineering services to create a venue based mobile app experience that is truly world class.
What is it that we do with Venues?
Building Mobile Strategy
Native Apps
Hybrid Apps
LBS Based UX
Mobile Web & Responsiveness
24/7 Live Centers
Any Type of Venue, We’re There!
We create mobile experiences that satisfy your guests with high-level of engagement, equip you to gain actionable insights about your visitors and create new revenue channels.
Shopping Malls
The rapid growth of eCommerce is becoming a bigger challenge to shopping malls across major cities in United States each year. The smart shopper still visits the malls and retail stores but to only do his research. Many shopping malls are now embracing mobile technology to turn this challenge into opportunity. At July, we help such shopping centers to create a branded mobile experience that engages their visitors and convert them to shoppers.
Loyalty Programs
Shopping Offers
Payment Integration
Social Media
Content Management
User Analytics
Airports across the globe face a biggest challenge when it comes to pleasing the travelers visiting their airport. From the parking lot to the gate, a passenger has to go through too many hurdles to reach their destination which makes their airport experience unpleasant. July helps airports overcome this challenge by creating mobile experiences that enable them to make their ease demanding travelers happy and drive revenues.
Flight Updates
Mobile Boarding Passes
Shopping Offers
User Analytics
Hospitals and Healthcare facilities are always looking for innovative ways to improve patient care, reduce cost and streamline the emergency care. Branded mobile apps are now becoming crucial in enabling hospitals to provide better care and information to the patients. July’s customized mobile solutions for hospitals empower physicians and staff at these healthcare facilities to provide better care for patients and improve the visitor experience.
Emergency Care
Patient Tracking
Condition-Specific Information Wayfinding
Insurance Info
User Analytics
Convention Centers
Attending a conference or a trade show can be stressful to many people. Most attendees find themselves lost in the huge convention centers with busy schedules and too many things going around them. A great mobile experience for your convention center can enable you to significantly improve visitor’s experience and engage them better at various events. At July, We help large convention centers build engaging mobile experiences to make each event memorable.
Event Passes Guides
Nearby Hotels/Restaurants
User Analytics
Mobile is changing the fan experiences at stadiums like never before. Today’s fans demand at-home experience even when they’re in the stadium. Mobile technology is now becoming more and more critical in creating better venue experiences to keep fans coming back to the stadiums. At July, we help stadiums in creating cutting-edge mobile solutions to engage fans and visitors.
Ticket booking
Loyalty programs
Social Media
Fan Transit
Live Video Feeds
User Analytics
Over 50% of travelers use mobile apps to find hotels details and make bookings. With travelers increasingly using internet on their mobile devices, staying on top of the mobile game is becoming imperative for hotels to provide better guest experience, boost sales and improve their brand visibility. At July, we help hoteliers improve guest experience, increase sales, and enhance brand visibility of their hotels through cutting-edge mobile solutions.
Hotel Booking
Loyalty Programs
Room Service
Restaurant Info
Nearby Places
User Analytics
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