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Top 5 Innovative Stadiums in USA

September 15, 2016

When one could watch games at the comfort of one’s home without having to deal with parking issues and poor connectivity at stadiums, more people chose the former undoubtedly. One could have enough and more beverages at normal prices at home instead of getting ripped off at stadium food courts. Smartphones with good internet connection at home helps stay connected to your friends and updates from your fantasy teams. So as more and more people preferred watching games from their homes, stadiums came up with strategies and technologies that made the sports fan think twice.


Would a seamless WiFi connection bring back the fans to the stadium? Or would it be an interesting stadium app? What did the following stadiums do about it?

  1. The Levi’s Stadium, California: Sony, Intel, SAP and Yahoo! Partnered with the stadium to provide fast uninterrupted WiFi as well as the best stadium app. So with the app, one can find the shortest route to the bathroom, order food while enjoying the comfort of your seats, find the best parking spot for your car and even stream as many replays as you want. It is home to the San Francisco 49ers and is quite popular among NFL fans due its smart features.
  2. AT &T, San Francisco: With over 931 access points across the stadium and each set of seats having at least one dedicated hotspot, the WiFi experience at AT & T is simply superb. There is good LTE coverage too. There are 196 3G/LTE hotspots for cellular coverage. According to Bill Schlough of San Jose Giants, fans transfer 308GB of data per game, with 183GB in downloads (streaming and gathering content) and 125GB in uploads (sharing and posting to social media). There is the @Cafe which is a social media hub where fans can stop by and see the trending posts on social media. There are also various charging stations for all digital devices in the stadium.
  3. Barclay’s Center, Brooklyn: At Barclay’s, with Cisco’s connected Sports and Entertainment Solutions, next-generation fan experience is delivered. The Barclay’s center custom app provides event information, transportation details and guides the fan to his seat. Cisco Stadium Vision, an innovative digital video and content distribution platform powers 700 HDTVs and 100 menu boards throughout the venue. It all leads to the formation of the Cisco Connected Intelligent Stadium Network which makes it one of the most technologically advanced stadiums in the world.
  4. University of Phoenix, Arizona: With beacons deployed for selective messaging, in connection with the stadium app, it provides live stadium feeds, replays and the fans won’t have to miss the action even when they are outside. Apart from the stadium WiFi, the venue had partnered with CDW technology Solutions Company to provide stronger WiFi to the fans. There are LED boards at different parts of the stadium so that the fan doesn’t miss any part of the action.
  5. Met Life Stadium, New Jersey: Four massive HD display boards, over 2100 HD monitors across the stadium and free WiFi makes it a good tech stadium for sports events. The 4 HD displays are connected to the concession stand registers which helps in easy scanning of tickets and displaying of HD video highlights. Free WiFi and the stadium app makes Met Life a technologically advanced stadium.

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