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Top 5 Free Mobile Apps for Sports Fans Who Can’t Get Enough

April 19, 2016

As die-hard sports fans, we can’t get enough of the adrenaline. When we aren’t watching the live game, the least we want is something close to the real thing. Nothing comes close as much as an engaging, well-built sports app.

If you are a sports fan and can’t control the itchy fingers that need to check out on what’s happening in sports, here are a few apps you ought to download.


To make it easier on the list, each of these apps have slick UI/UX interfaces, great design, and are constantly updated on their respective app stores.

1. The Score

Games are all about winning and scores determine just that. It’d be nice to have an app that allows you to follow on sports events such as MLB, NFL, NCAA, NBA, and even NCAA March Madness. You’d want to stay up to date on customized scores (the way you want them), stats, player info, alerts, and much more.

The Score is the perfect app to feed the sport maniacal monster inside of you. It’s rated as one of the best Google Play Apps (2015); one of Business Insider’s ‘100 World’s Greatest Apps’ and more.

You also get scores and updates on Hockey, Tennis, Golf, and many other sporting events. “Real time, all the time”, as they put it.

Platform – iOS/Android

Price – Free

Last Updated: 2015

App Store rating – 4.8/5

2. SportsManias

Apart from being a professional, for all the sports events and games that happen, you could stay tuned in for your updates or you could just fantasize almost as if you are a part of it. But what if you could do both?

SportsManias is the ultimate app for fantasy players, absolute fans, and the world’s only animated sports emoji keyboard enabled, real-time fantasy news app that you can customize.

If you don’t play fantasy sports, you can always personalize SportsManias by mapping it to your favorite teams covering almost all the famous sports series such as NCAA basketball, Premier League, NHL, NBA, and more.

Rated as one of the top apps by USA Today Sports, Second Screen Experience by MacLife, and also one of the top apps to follow the NFL (by FanSided).

If you have been following sports news and updates on Twitter, you know how chaotic it can get. Instead, bring it all into a single app and choose and/or sort your updates the way you want to.

Platform – iOS/Android

Price – Free

Released in – 2015/2016

App Store rating – 4.5/5


Skip the line and get straight to the horse’s mouth with ESPN – the number one sports app in the market.

Get up-to-the minute and live updates, video/audio streaming, game highlights, scores, news, and alerts. With a slick user interface and a very active content streaming, ESPN is also available as a Watch App to bring you coverage about every major sport in the world.

Platform – iOS/Android

Price – Free

Released in – 2010 (as SportCenter)

App Store rating – 4.5/5

4. Yahoo Sports

Yahoo might not mean much to you, in the same vicinity as Google. Yet, their sports (apart from their Finance Information streaming) app is one of the best yet.

Delivering the best in sports with quick access to scores, news, and with the ability to help you personalize your favorite teams, leagues, and matches, the Yahoo Sports App is still unbeatable.

Platform – iOS/Android

Price – Free

Released in: 1997

App Store rating – 4.5/5

5. Feedly

Sports apps are sports apps. But maybe you are into sports only so much. Irrespective of the sports fanatic you are, there’s a chance that you might also want updates on business, regular news, and more.

Plus, you might not want one app for sports and another app for everything else. Because, that’s just too many apps.

And, if you wanted a little more freedom on what kind of news, alerts, and information streams into an app about the sporting events and games you’d like to be updated on, you should consider downloading Feedly (the next best thing after the sad Demise of Google’s RSS reader).

Configure Feedly the way you want, and with the categories you need, and you are ready to tap into the power of content discovery on the web.

Platform – iOS/Android

Price – Free

Released in: 2008

App Store rating – 4.5/5


Which of these apps live on your Phone?

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