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VR Apps For Android: Top 5 Exciting VR (Virtual Reality) Apps for Android

July 13, 2016

Oculus Rift, Magic Leap: there is enough and more being talked about it.

Google Cardboard: oh please let’s go to a level higher!

On typing VR apps in Google Play store, a long list comes into picture. VR Roller coaster, VR player for free, Sites in VR, VR Bike…. A relatively new field with a lot of scope for innovation and change. As we dwell more into the realms of Virtual Reality and the unconceivable prospects of it, let us take a quick peek into the top 5 VR apps that are doing the rounds in android:

  1. Ryot VR: What comes to our mind when we talk about VR? Games? But this app proves that VR can be used for more than entertainment. Through Ryot VR, you get to watch the latest news and happenings across the world. Reporters do a thorough job by going to every nook and corner of the world and give us a 360degree view of news in real time. It feels like you are in the spot where the action is. Adding more, you can participate in the discussions helping with a solution rather than just watching the news!


  1. Insidious Chapter 3 (Into the Further): If you are a fan of The Insidious series, you are going to love it. Remember Ellis and her words of caution? The app opens with her warning that something other than the living has captured your soul. The journey feels real with eerie voice-overs and sudden moments of panic. The duration seems a little less though. Once you have got a hang of it, you want more!

PS: View it with your lights off and curtains closed, of course doors locked too. You never know who is behind you!!!


  1. Sites in VR: Essentially you are breathing, living and experiencing a new site of interest through this app. You can choose the destination based on the country or the city. There are various options like the mosque, temple, places, and museums to choose from. Once you choose the destination, you are given choices of various angles to look upon. For example on choosing the Eiffel tower, you get to view the gardens adjoining it, the stairs, the various platforms and also Eiffel tower from different angles. You could walk down the stairs and go closer to the monument or bend down and see the inside.

Sites in VR

  1. VR Fantasy: As the name suggests, you are taken into a world of fantasy where daredevil but exciting adventures happen. Once you enter the dungeon, you take out the ‘schwarzenegger’ in you. You battle with swords, break walls, slash slimes and giant spiders and the final battle is against a dragon! Are you reminded of dungeons and dragons? I wouldn’t say there is close similarity but probably the overall themes do sync. And most importantly, you are living the game through VR Fantasy.

VR Fantasy

  1. VR Bike: Who doesn’t like riding? Paddle on your accelerator and zoom past competitors and hurdles. When a video game itself gives you the thrill, a VR bike race would only make you a crazy fan. 18 levels and 18 different speeds. After one point, it’s all about steering your way without control over the brake. Crazy right? The internal camera gives you a good view of the road and the happenings around.

VR Bike

There are many more VR apps out there and a lot more in making. Watch out guys, they are going to change the way we game, see and live.

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