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VR Apps For iPhone: Top 5 Exciting VR (Virtual Reality) Apps for iOS

July 14, 2016

When there is so much happening in Android, how can iOS remain behind? A peek into the VR realm of iOS gives you a wide array of choice of apps that will take you into a virtual world. Let’s check out the ones that can take your breath away.

In the last post we explored top 5 VR apps in Android. Now let’s do the same for iOS.

Incell VR: Honey, I shrunk the kids!! Didn’t you love watching the movie and imagining if you could be that tiny to view the world from a different angle? Well, now you can with Incell VR.  You could walk into the human body, as simple as that, to explore the complexities of human existence. It’s a game, both funny and educational, where you protect the human body at a cellular level from virus attacks. Of course, the basic game rules are same as any: collect coins, cross hurdles and win the prize.

 Incell VR

Zombie Shooter VR: Who doesn’t want to shoot gross zombies and splash their blood on the wall? The fun you get out of ripping the head out of a nasty Zombie is incredible right? So this VR app for iOS is basically a zombie killer. Don’t expect much more than a post-apocalyptic warzone. The graphics is very good and will give you a good feel of VR games.

Zombie Shooter VR

Vrse:  An informative app, Vrse talks about news and the world in detail, with a 360 degree view.  There are both content produced by Vrse as well as that has been sourced from outside. Home to very good videos and informative real time happenings across the world, Vrse is a good app to use.


EndSpace VR: Space fights are a different game altogether. The faraway galaxies, the fear of the unknown and so many other action packed adventures lure you to space games. So an add-on of VR to it will make you feel like you are crusading through outer space. The audio and the graphics make it a cool game.


Google Street View:  As the name suggests, you get to see any place/street in the world by just choosing the location. It gives you a 360 degree view of the concerned place and that too in Virtual Reality. What better way to explore the world within the comforts of your home?

Google street view

There are many more interested VR apps in iOS that can drive you crazy about Virtual Reality.

Interested in building virtual reality based apps on iOS?