Enterprise Software Redefined

User experience is now central in everything
digital including the enterprise software
Smartphones, BYOD culture and the rise of consumer apps have led to the transformation of tech enterprises globally. There’s a huge shift in how B2B (Business-to-Business) and B2E (Business-to-Enterprise) companies deliver cutting-edge technology products to their clients or even employees
The biggest challenge for tech enterprise in today’s “consumerized” mobile driven world is finding a design studio that not only excels in consumer space but also has a strong understanding and experience of building enterprise applications.
That’s where July comes into the picture. July Rapid is a design studio of July Systems, a mobile experience company with a long history of creating both consumer and enterprise software products.
Consumer Grade UX is now the Enterprise Upgrade
Recreate the user experience of your enterprise software to match successful consumer applications while keeping the strong security layers that prevents unauthorized sharing/access of enterprise data.
Humans now have shorter attention span than ever. People are finding legacy enterprise softwares much harder to apprehend. Cut down the clutter and redefine the digital experience of software to captivate the new generation of users.
Make your enterprise software more fun to work with. Re-convince the enterprise application users who are using consumer apps for work by creating software that’s more intuitive and user-friendly.
A trusted partner for technology enterprises
High-Tech solutions for High-Tech enterprises
Specialized enterprise mobility solutions to assist technology enterprises in rapidly building, managing, and deploying applications that are efficient and completely adhering to corporate security requirements.
Consumerization of enterprise software
Design plays a central role in the mobile first world order. Due to deteriorating attention span of users and lack of design thinking in legacy enterprise softwares, consumer focussed applications are taking over the legacy platforms. At July, we help these enterprise product companies to modernize and consumerize their legacy softwares using the power of ideation and design thinking, to deliver business value through our enterprise mobile solutions.
Productivity and performance mobility
We create efficient and secure enterprise mobile applications to ensure your workforce and partners can collaborate seamlessly anywhere/anytime on their mobile devices. This flexibility will help your enterprise provide systematic customer service, increase workforce productivity and performance.
Business analytics on mobile
We assist high-tech companies in creating robust enterprise mobility products that provide detailed insights/analysis of consumer and market data to help them respond faster to continuous shifts in market and consumer behavior.
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