Open a mobile door to your retail store

Today’s consumers demand in-store experiences
that are personalized, convenient and quick.
From store locator, products, offers and loyalty information to quick check out process, a consumer facing branded mobile app for your retail chain can help you completely transform the in-store experience and increase sales. Many retailers are also opting for mobile apps to manage inventory and equip their staff with better tools to improve their productivity.
While most of the retail businesses recognize the need to build a strong mobile strategy, many are challenged to identify the right technology partner. At July, we help retailers to overcome this challenge through our specialized retail mobile solutions.
A complete store experience on mobile
Improve your customer’s in-store experience by offering them right products at right time; provide information on loyalty programs, discounts and coupons directly on their mobile.
Identify your loyal consumers and create personalized experiences based on their loyalty or entice new consumers to retain them.
Acquire customers through a new digital channel and keep them engaged and entice them when they visit your stores.
A trusted technology partner for retailers
A complete brick and click solution
In depth knowledge about the retail space laced with innovative marketing ideas and deep roots in app design, we’re your one stop shop for everything mobile
It has become a standard practice for shoppers to research thoroughly about a product online before they make the actual purchase. Improve your customer’s experience by offering right products at right time and allowing them to buy online, pickup in store.
Create a pleasant shopping experience for your customers. Have them track and redeem their loyalty points through their smartphones.
Manage holiday season more effectively. Scale up and down the traffic bandwidth to your mobile properties based on specific events with non-stop interruption in service.
Point of
Sales Mobility
Create a mobile point of sale system to reduce their consumer’s waiting time to complete a purchase and improve their in-store experience.
Mobile Inventory
Create a mobile inventory management system to track their product stock at warehouse, at store shelves and manage shipments to improve their productivity.
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