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Reaching your Smart Fans Through Smartphones

September 2, 2016

Did you know that 38% of our daily media interactions are through smartphones? It is available on-the-go; it can be utilized during short bursts of time and is a source of quick information. Another interesting fact is that 65% of multi-device users started off with the smartphone compared to other devices. When it comes to combining devices, 81% people prefer television and smartphone.


There is no dearth of facts on this space. Another research by ESPN proves that 87% sports fans depend on smartphones for sports news.  19% of fans use their phone to watch, listen to or check live sport every day, while 36% use it to follow sports news. This is a number that is only going to grow.

Sports need real-time updates

You hardly see a sports fan without a smartphone in his hand. Unlike other verticals, sports need real-time updates. Whether a goal is scored or a wicket is taken, push messages that are based on the scores, are the most sought after. So providing real-time scores to consumer is a vital factor in customer engagement. But keeping it right is the key here. Don’t overdo updates and annoy the customer.

Video streaming is vital

An average millennial sports fan does not want to miss the game if he goes out to buy a pack of beer. He would rather pick up the beer watching the game on his mobile. Just because he is at work and his boss is not a major sports fan, he does not want to miss knowing his team stats before the big game in the evening. A survey conducted by Clearleap reveals that nearly 50% sports fans are ready to pay for live streaming of their favorite sport without a cable subscription.

Does an app help?

Of course it does. The app is a comprehensive package of the game you are following. From details of the players to trivia on games, the app acts like an encyclopedia of all things related to the game you are watching. The videos on real-time, the complete analysis of the game and the customer’s participation during rating/feedback, gives an engaging experience while using the app.

Mobile ticketing

Apart from being able to find the tickets on the phone without the need to take printouts, mobile ticketing has various other advantages. Since 2014, half of the NFL teams have started using mobile ticketing. Some have even integrated the mobile ticketing app with the stadium app that will help users find their seats and order food. This also opens up to the world of loyalty programs for fans. Teams have started introducing reward points for attending games and engaging with the team.

WiFi at the stadium

You wake up on the game day and the stadium app tells you the weather and that helps you decide what to wear. Once you reach the stadium, it helps you park your vehicle and identify the seats. By the time you make yourself comfortable, there is enough information lined up on the player stats and other details of the game. In between the game, you also have quick access to food and beverages through the stadium app. Who wouldn’t want all these comforts?

When your team is scoring, you want to share your happiness on social media. What if you find that the connectivity on your mobile is very less? This is where stadiums give free Wifi and encourage the fan to stay back at the stadium and not leave because of poor connectivity. Apart from stadium, teams are also investing on the same to get deeper knowledge of fans and their behavior. This helps them send localized personal messages through Location-Based services.

It has never been easier to watch a game and stay connected through smartphone. The perfect seamless fan experience will be the ultimate goal and with all these innovations, let’s just say we are very close to reaching that.

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