is the worldwide leader in advanced movie ticketing and a top destination for news, celebrity interviews, movie reviews and trailers. provides its ticketing solutions for 250 theater chains worldwide, which is about 10 times the number of chains of its nearest competitor.
In the year 2010, when approximately 1.33 billion tickets were sold in the whole of America, 16 million tickets were sold by Movietickets alone. In a country where the annual revenue from movie ticket sales surpasses the $10 billion mark, realized that having a website is not enough to stay ahead of its competition. It needed to have a robust and scalable business strategy. Part of their strategy was to go mobile and they approached July Systems to help them leverage mobile as an additional channel to reach out to more users.

1. Cater to mobile users – Though the client had a fully transactional website, they needed an m- site because most if its users were accessing their site on mobile devices.

2. Increase market penetration- Traffic from mobile and tablet was exceeding traffic from traditional desktops. They wanted to develop native apps for both iOS and Android users and target the increasing mobile audience.

3. Drive customer engagement through mobile- To drive a deeper engagement, the client wanted to have features that would be useful to their end user – like show timings, movie reviews and ratings.
Helping Movie Tickets become mobile first
A simple and a cost effective solution Building multiple apps is usually a complex and expensive undertaking but by using the July MX platform, which makes use of pre-built and pre-tested modules, we not only saved time but also managed to minimize costs and reduce risks.

The client did not need to invest in any internal infrastructure. Just by using their existing website for data integration, we built robust applications that enabled the mobile customers of the client to search, view and book movie tickets on their iPhones and Android mobile devices.

Engaging Feature Set
Drawing on our experience, we were also able to identify the need for a few features that proved to be useful for the mobile users of our client.

Reserve seating
Virtual ticketing
Google Ad Integration
1 – Reduced development cost
2 – Faster time to market
3 – Improved user experience by intuitive interface
4 – Seamless experience across different mobile devices
5 – Ability to make dynamic changes on the live app
6 – Virtual tickets reduced manpower & ticket printing cost
7 – Less prone to error due to use of pre tested modules
8 – Analytics provided better insights
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