Mobile App Management
Dynamically Update Content on the Go
If there is one thing that’s constant – it’s change. If your app is dynamic in nature and relies on a fresh stream of content, it is impractical to keep re submitting it to the App Store to update the content. With our platform, you can dynamically update not only the content of your app but also its entire look and feel. Your app will always look fresh and keep your users hooked.
Auto Scale during Planned Events to Handle Traffic Spikes
A lot of performance issues stem from not understanding how your app is going to be used. If you fail to anticipate the number of users likely to hit your app during events, your app can crash and drive away your impatient audience. If you want your users to stay and have a pleasant app experience, build your apps using our cloud based July MX platform which has the built in intelligence to auto scale during events and handle any surge in user activity.
Effective App Management during Unplanned Events
Tackling the unknown is a big challenge. Do you know how to prepare yourself for something you can’t predict? We do. We build mobile apps that include scaling assumptions and are prepared to meet the requirements of any unpredictable event – natural or otherwise. Our powerful platform lets you immediately define, design and render your app differently during times of emergencies and crisis. At July Systems, we believe that the seed of success lies in planning.
24X7 Cloud Operations Team
The real test of a mobile app begins after its deployment. In order to survive in this highly competitive mobile market, your app needs to be available at all times. Our expert and diligent Cloud Operations team is adept at monitoring your app every step of the way. The Support services team of July offers the following services :

– 24*7 Support Service which comes with ticketing, issue categorization, escalation, follow-up and notification.
– Event or application monitoring for specific activities or timeline.
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