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Hindsight is 20/20. But why look back to figure out what went wrong when you can look ahead and prepare well. Atlanta is becoming a hotbed for startups and July Rapid helps aspiring entrepreneurs and funded startups of Atlanta to develop great ideas into great companies. At our Ideation Workshops, we subject every idea to a rigorous validation process. We let it evolve through brainstorming, experimentation, multiple iterations and real world interactions. So if you want a top mobile app development company in Atlanta to hone your app idea, you can count on us. We are a leading app development studio based in San Francisco, but in this connected world, we are only one phone call and one plane ride away.
Planning a Mobile Roadmap for Atlanta’s Enterprises in an Omnichannel World
Timely discovery of and access to relevant information is the need of the hour in large enterprises. Home to 18 of the Fortune 500 companies, Atlanta is gearing up to make its enterprises mobile ready. We participate in fulfilling this need by building mobile experiences across all touchpoints that change business processes, enhance customer satisfaction and harness innovation. We also source some of our smartest talent from Atlanta as it happens to be a place of top-notch iPhone app developers, Android App developers, designers and salespeople.
Designing Elegant User Experiences for Digital Natives of Atlanta
To elevate the perception of design July Rapid has a separate ‘design arm’ which consists of expert UI, UX and interaction designers. Armed with design-thinking strategies, we design mobile experiences that bring joy and not frustration to digital immigrants. Considering the fact that millennials make up 25% of Atlanta’s total population, we take great care to appeal to these digital natives too. We make interactive prototypes to get their feedback and then improve your product as we move along. Want a design mockup or a rapid prototype to pitch to your investors? Call us and let’s get started.
Accelerating the Development of Native & Hybrid Apps Using Home Grown Tools
Building a completely fully functional app can take anywhere from 3 to 6 months but we use a combination of design driven front end and a platform driven backend to build the same app in a matter of weeks and for a fraction of that cost. We build secure, well performing, cloud based and scalable apps for all mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Android phones, smartwatches) and platforms. Whether you want native iPhone app development, Android app development or a hybrid app – we’ve got you covered.
Fortune 100 Brands, Large Tech Companies, Emerging Startups… We touch over a billion people through our awesome clients
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