Media & Entertainment Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Today, mobile technology is playing a major role in media and entertainment industry. With reducing number of newspaper and magazine subscribers, more and more media and entertainment houses are going mobile to retain customers and increase revenue opportunities. One of the biggest challenge these media and entertainment companies face during their quest to leverage mobility is identifying a technology partner who is able to provide them the right solutions to build a strong mobile presence and reach the information craving mobile users. At July, we help media and entertainment enterprises to overcome this challenge through our specialized Media & Entertainment mobility solutions.
Why Choose July Systems?
Since 2001, July Systems pioneers the creation of mobile experience. From the era of feature phones to the present era of wearable devices we continue to deliver cutting-edge mobility services to help media and entertainment companies like CNN, Disney, NBC, Fox, TLC and MTV reach more than 140 million users in 150 countries and deliver billions of transactions annually.
How July helps Media and Entertainment Businesses?
We provide specialized technology solutions to help media and entertainment companies at every stage of their business to increase their reach, monetize better and improve user experience and productivity.

Content Publishing
We provide end-to-end publishing solutions for media and entertainment companies to create and integrate their content (Including audio, video and live streaming) on various mobile platforms through apps and mobile sites to increase their reach.

Advertising and Monetization
We help media and entertainment companies integrate 3rd party mobile advertising networks to provide contextual advertising on their mobile property to monetize the user base and establish a new dedicated revenue channel.

Traffic Scaling Based on Events
With a dedicated 24/7 cloud operations team, we help media and entertainment companies to scale up and down the traffic bandwidth to their mobile property based on specific events with non-stop interruption in their service.
Our Solutions
Mobility Consulting
Ideation workshop to define business objectives and solutions needed to solve various challenges faced by the business.

Application Development
Full design, engineering and back-end integration for the mobility solution across all Smartphones, Tablets, and Wearable devices.

Managed Cloud Services & Support
Provide Cloud Hosting services combined with Uptime commitment driven through SLA. Scale up or down your mobile service on specific events and 24/7 monitoring of the mobility solution and infrastructure.
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