Rapid iPhone Development

You Need a Matured iPhone App Developer Who Can Help Navigate Through All the Noise!

Building a successful business model around iOS apps which generates revenue is a little bit more than hiring a low cost development team online. From ideation to designing, engineering, launching, managing and supporting the growth of your app from 10 users to 10 million users, the app development and management business is no childs play. You need a matured studio that is able to reduce your chances of failure. At July Systems, we have build a world class iPhone application development studio, that has designed and managed apps that have withstood some of the highest mobile internet traffic including Olympics 2008, 2012; FIFA world cup 2010, 2014; US presidential elections 2008, 2012 for some of the leading media and entertainment brands.
Designing To Win!
User experience leads technology in the current market ecosystem and a good design team is critical for your app’s success. Design prototyping forms a critical part of our app development process and to ensure that we take you through the path of success, we have hired and grown an award winning iOS design team.
Choosing an App Development is like Shopping for Your Wardrobe. Brand July for iOS is Quality and Speed!
Like while shopping for your wardrobe, you will find different studios offering different tiers of services for iPhone app development. Some focus on quality, some other focus on being quick and dirty. Many focus on being cost effective and several others focus on tried & tested development methodologies to reduce risk. If your application idea is a critical business requirement or a completely fresh idea, then let your development partner not be the weakest link in your ability to build a robust product. July Systems focuses on two specific aspects while building your iOS experience : Quality of experience and speed of delivery.
Work with a Product Company to Build your Product!
When you work with July Systems, you are investing in a team that has build an entire cloud based application development platform from scratch (July MX). July MX, our 4th generation platform- a first-to-market self-authoring mobile experience platform for creating and publishing mobile sites and applications. Companies deploy consumer-facing mobile experiences across the full spectrum of mobile media – native apps, hybrid apps and HTML5 mobile websites using the July MX platform. In a nutshell, you are hiring a product company to build your product, not a services body shop.
Rapid Framework for iOS App Development!
We use an innovative solutions framework called Rapid for application development which helps increase your speed to market. You will find more details around rapid development here.
Ideate Before you Work with the iOS Development Studio!
When you work with July, you don’t directly jump into app development from day 1. You are exposed to some of the best innovators and product managers in the mobility space who help refine your product concept into an exciting user story for iOS. Extracting the core value proposition of your idea and converting it into a product roadmap is the single most important step to app development, often overlooked by most development studios.
Managed Cloud Services for Your iOS App!
Most development studios help build your iPhone app. But how many can manage, scale and support your application product post delivery? The reality is that there is hardly any development studio that has specialized knowledge or expertise in cloud hosting and infra service. July Cloud Services team was the first mobile product team to deploy on the AWS infrastructure. Once your application is ready, our cloud operations team will work with you on – Cloud hosting services combined with uptime commitment driven through SLA – Scaling and event handling with SLA where we help scale up or down your mobile services as part of faster adoption of specific events. – Rapid Iterations : Addition and removal of features, faster and simpler using the App X framework – Cloud Infra services : Deployment, Cost optimization, Monitoring, Health dashboard for customers
Support Services for Your iOS App!
Often overlooked as a nice to have service, support services are critical for iPhone applications that promise to work seamlessly, providing mission critical service without outage. The Support services team of July offers the following services : – 24*7 Support Service which comes with ticketing, issue categorization, escalation, followup and notification – Event or application monitoring for specific activities or timeline.
Fortune 100 Brands, Large Tech Companies, Emerging Startups… We touch over a billion people through our awesome clients
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