Best iPad App Development
When it comes to making engaging iPad apps, experience counts
At July Systems, we are always motivated to do things differently. The drive to do something new has earned us a place among pioneers in this rapidly evolving world of technology. In our 15 years of experience, we have developed all kinds of mobile experiences for our customers. We develop various solutions for a variety of mobile devices. Whether you want a quicker solution for an iPhone app or a better solution to an existing iPad app, we not only know how to do it, we know how to do it well.
iPad App Development expertise
An iPad app is not a mere extension of the iPhone app. Their development may look similar on the surface, but if you examine closely, you’ll see differences, extremely nuanced differences. And at July Systems, we believe that – ‘even the grandest project depends on the success of the smallest components.’
Superior App Designs
We don’t pass off inferior user experiences in the name of good design. Any developer can just optimize an iPhone app for an iPad, but that would hardly be optimal. With today’s user demanding more intuitive experiences, our designers make apps that take advantage of retina display’s enhanced resolution, to ensure a more delightful experience for your users.

An iPad has a bigger screen and a better processing power compared to an iPhone, which means it provides an excellent opportunity to experiment with user interfaces. Big screens give our designers an even bigger ability to think. They design apps that are easy to use and optimize the use of the big screen.
Ideation Experts
Part of your app’s success depends on expert ideation. In order to create value for your users, your app must be designed keeping in mind your target audience. At July, we have some of the best minds of the industry, who will provide you with insights and a level of service that few can match.
24/7 Support Team
At July Systems, we walk the whole path when it comes to app development. We develop, design, monitor and manage your app. If you want to stay ahead of your competitors, you need to monitor your app closely for performance issues. We have a support team that works round the clock to make sure your app is available to your users all times of the day. The Support services team of July offers the following services :

– 24*7 Support Service which comes with ticketing, issue categorization, escalation, followup and notification
– Event or application monitoring for specific activities or timeline.
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