App Ideation & Innovation Workshop
Concept Generation
Good ideas are produced only when you know your subject very well. It may seem obvious but we encounter a lot of ill-informed people. Our concept generation techniques will help you to avoid errors of judgement and come up with ideas that are relevant. Confirmation bias is a common error and stems from feeling very passionately about an idea but we rattle all preconceptions, eliminate all biases and think logically from every angle before qualifying an idea. We have built successful mobile apps for multiple industries that include Media and Entertainment, Sports, Retail, Finance and Banking, Healthcare and Hospitality and we have extensive knowledge about their markets and customers, which can benefit any entrepreneur.
Smart Ideation Sessions
The thing with trying to implement your ideas without adequate knowledge is – you make a lot of mistakes but learn very little. You may feel that you are improving on a daily basis but it could still be an improvised mess. By the time you realize your mistakes, it would have been too late – the technology could have changed, somebody else could have implemented your idea or you could simply be too tired to try. Be smart and seek advice early. We conduct Ideation Workshops to accelerate your launch and tell you the What, Why and How of Mobile App Ideas.
Ideation Workshop
To be a successful innovator, you need a mix of useful resources, right environment and expert guidance. At July Systems, we have it all. Our management comprises of serial entrepreneurs who have a string of successful initiatives to their credit. We have been in the business for 15 long years and expert advice from the best minds of our Sales, Marketing and Technical Departments have helped several startups launch and grow. In our Ideation Workshops, we devise a solid Innovation Strategy that lays the foundation for rapid development of your idea.
Beat Your Competition
To get somewhere, you have to always be one step ahead of your competition and we give you that advantage. As part of our Ideation Workshop offering, our industry best designers create design mockups for your mobile app idea. This will be a big differentiator when pitching your idea to investors because when you have something to show, it is a pretty good indication of your commitment.
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