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How to Boost Sales on Your Food Delivery App This Holiday Season

November 29, 2016

Food: everybody’s favorite four-letter F word.

Did you know that the average person will spend around $800 during the holidays? And a significant chunk of that will be spent on food. It’s no surprise that the all-too-familiar “food coma” is so pervasive throughout the holiday season (and not just from the tryptophan on Thanksgiving.) Nonetheless, the holidays prove themselves to be the best time to overindulge. And more importantly, the festive season opens up vast opportunities for startup companies with food (and drink) related apps.


If you are running a food delivery service and are looking for handy tips to cash in on the holiday season, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Here are 8 strategies to capitalize on the season’s momentum and boost sales on your food tech app.

  • Add a seasonal touch to your homescreen

It’s like people start to salivate on command when they think of holiday food. After being bombarded all day by images of juicy, tender turkey, accompanied by luscious, sautéed collard greens and baked candied yams topped with cinnamon and roasted pecans, it’s enough to dig a pit in anybody’s stomach. It will dig pits in wallets, too.

That’s why it’s important to redesign your food theme in ways that will mentally prepare your potential customers for the holiday season, from Thanksgiving to Christmas, and all the way into the New Year.

Pro tip from our UI/UX Designer

You can create the right emotion by using the right colors for your holiday app design. While the entire city is decorated in all things red and green, using them in your app will set the mood. Also, white and gold evoke images of festivity.

But you have to be careful while using colors with low value contrast because users with color blindness may not be able to figure out the text or the images. And you don’t want any of your customers to miss out on your holiday specials, right? Food and festivals are for everyone, after all!


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  • Cater to demand during peak times with in-app chat support

Well-run food businesses are locked and loaded, ready for any questions and concerns about the food. You should be ready, too. The best way to stay prepared is to have exceptional phone and chat support, ready to answer any request or question your customers might have. Understand that everybody is going to be in a rush, so it’s important that you respond promptly. Otherwise, they’ll leave you for another app, which is the last thing you want.

Pro tip from our iOS app developer

You can integrate services like Zendesk and Conversity into your app. In-app chat support is a great way to handle customer queries and concerns. If your customers want to know if you’re open to taking orders at a particular time or if they want to know if your app works downtown, they can immediately initiate a chat with your customer support representative and find quick answers. They can also share feedback at any stage of the food ordering process. In-app chat support is a quick way to get info on things like promos and offers, tracking and cancelling orders, and requesting refunds.


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  • Have a special holiday menu

One seasonal way to captivate your customers’ attention is to have a special holiday menu. It doesn’t matter if your app offers gourmet or home-cooked meals, people will check out your app if they know you have a special menu.

Select specific meals and label them as “holiday specials.” You can even sort them out by the different holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and more.

Some fun ideas you can implement are promoting three and five course meals. You can also try pairing seasonal meals with specific wines and desserts and promote them as special offers. Don’t forget to create limited time offers to encourage your customers to act quickly.


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  • Run a Personalized Email Campaign

Email is one of the best channels you can use to convert and close more sales. Of course, don’t send the same promotional emails to everybody as they won’t convert as well. Consider this: you eat meat exclusively and you receive an email from a food app informing you about their special salad for Christmas. Wouldn’t that put you off? Of course, without a doubt.

Speaking of getting your customers to act quickly, a great way to get people to take action is by sending behavior-targeting emails. The great thing about email is that you can segment different email lists to promote different meals. For example, you can send a list of vegan restaurants in Florida to a customer who has been ordering vegan meals off your app.

Pro tip from our Sales Team: Understand who your audience is. Send them personalized emails based on their behavior and interests online. Autoresponders like MailChimp and GetResponse are perfect for sending automated messages and allowing you to observe who clicks, opens and completes purchases on your email lists.


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  • Run Special Promotions

Everybody loves a free bagel. Play Santa Claus and offer attractive offers: buy one, get one $3 off on your next order, refer a friend and get a $10 back, or get a complimentary meal on installing the app.

Special offers are catnip to shoppers, especially during holiday season. Offers like buy-one-get-one-frees and discounted promotions will have customers flocking your app in droves. Everyone likes the idea of saving money. The best time to run these offers are during non-peak hours. In other words, run these offers when your customers least expect.


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  • Start promotions early

Let’s face it – procrastination makes its way to the best of us. Waiting until the last minute to run promotions not only limits the income generating potential of the deal, but also drastically limits the number of customers who actually see the promotion.

Give your customers enough time to see your special offers. Send newsletters in advance that inform your customers about your upcoming promotion in a timely manner. Send posts and tweets on social media periodically that lead up to the promotion. The earlier you promote your special deals, the better your promotions will perform.


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  • Promote a cause by gifting a meal

Most people would agree that the best gift they can give is food. You can collaborate with a non-profit organization to feed the hungry and homeless. $1 off every order will be contributed toward your cause. Make sure to simultaneously promote the cause on your app.

You can also have your customers gift a meal to their friends and family. Food-gift voucher promotions are a great idea for food apps. However, just like any promotion, you’ll want to start promoting gifted meals via social media and newsletters early enough to maximize performance.


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  • Kid-friendly menus

You can never go wrong with a special holiday menu for kids. Yet many food apps never think to add a kids’ menu in their arsenal. Contrary to popular belief, kids get just as excited (if not more) for the holidays as adults.

Doing family promotions during holidays like Christmas can really boost your app sales, especially when you have a kids’ menu. Offer special treats, desserts, or even beverages like hot chocolate to grab the attention of children.


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Holiday season can be your biggest cash-in or your biggest missed opportunity. Take advantage of it in any way you can to flood your food app by way of sales.

It truly can be the most wonderful time of the year.

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