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June 29, 2016


I was 3 years old when I first saw the beautiful and elegant Barbie, the epitome of beauty, elegance and fashion. Barbie is every little girl’s idol and is someone she aspires to be. Braiding her hair and dressing her up, one starts to build fashion goals in mind. For my brother it was the “cool dude” in our neighborhood who set fashion goals. With time, pimples and rebellious attitude replaced Barbie, and then they were replaced by spurting growth of hormones that seemed to be in a hurry to reach places, and finally the stage where you are personified by the dress you wear and the words you speak. Despite the emotional and physical changes we went through, one of the desires that stood by is the desire to look good and be fashionable.

Today, fashion is presented to us through digitized solutions. To start with, e-commerce websites paved way for shopping online. In the version 2.0 of fashion retailing, it is the apps that are changing the game. The following infographic published by e-marketer is an indication of how apps are changing the way that consumers shop and interact with fashion retailers.


From The Hunt to the Covet, from Pose to Whisp, all the fashion brands around you are resorting to mobile apps and here’s why:

  1. It’s for everyone: Enlarge customer base

Physical stores have physical boundaries. One may be living far away from the store or could be just lazy to get up and buy it. Will the trip be a waste of time if he/she doesn’t find the right size? What if it needs to be returned? The fashion app and responsive websites solve all these problems. Here is why native apps are better than responsive sites.  One could search for preferences using smartphone/tablet and will get bombarded with offers. So time, money and energy are saved. Considering the above, more and more customers will naturally opt for the app.

  1. It’s you and only you: Build more brand loyalty

Through the app the customer gets to collect reward points and loyalty bonus that makes        him/her come back for the same brand. So the app creates loyal customers.

  1. What should I sell him/her so that it will be bought for sure?

Gain insights into your customer:  Through the app, you can keep a record of what kind of purchases the customer indulges into. You get a detailed analysis on his behavior. This helps you to pitch to him better. The exact customer behavior can be analyzed that helps the brand to cater to the customer better.

  1. You get to talk one-on-one : Enhanced personalized approach

Through the app you are literally communicating one-on-one with the customer. The reviews and the comments that the customer inputs after every purchase through the app, is a form of direct interaction with the customer.

  1. The best solution to “Showrooming”

Have you wondered how to reduce this trend of doing the physical aspect of shopping at the store but the monetary purchase through other online stores? Essentially if you have an app that sells your products only, then you can easily convert the “showroomer” into a loyal app customer.

Be Quick! Be ahead of your competition

If you have been just thinking and exploring the aspects of mobile apps for your fashion business, then it’s time to put down the research and get going. While launching the app, make sure that you develop the best of features because at the end of the day we all like an app with good design, interface and easy-to-use features along with oodles of good collection in fashion.

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