RAPID Grow is a new program from July Systems designed to help funded startups build, launch and manage mobile, IoT and wearable apps.


You reach out to the July Rapid team, sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement and set up a meeting to discuss your disruptive product idea and requirements.
We evaluate your product concept, share our feedback and recommend the best fit for your idea into the packages that we have defined for you.
Once we handshake on the package, we assign a Product Manager to work with you to transform your idea into reality, as defined by the package that you choose to go with.
App Face Lift
Redesign your existing app
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Design Matters! A comprehensive mobile app design engagement to redesign your existing mobile app on one of the preferred platform (Android/iOS/Windows) How does this help? 1. Capture and engage your app users through great design. 2. Solve any existing design issues and improve ROI 3. Decrease bounce rates and increase daily active users.
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App Refresh
Give a new life to your existing app
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Is your app losing its charm with users? We offer a customized package to recreate your existing app with feature enhancements, solid design, and a robust code that will give a new life to your app. How does this help? 1. Recreate your app strategy to increase your chances of success. 2. Solve any existing design and technical issues. 3. Upgrade your app to the latest OS.
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Web Switch
Turn your website into an App
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Want to convert your web app/site into mobile app? Our Web Switch package is specifically created to build a mobile app for your existing website to leverage native features on mobile. How does this help? 1. A native mobile app operates faster than responsive website. 2. Mobile app will let users browse content even when they’re offline. 3. Ability to re-engage your users through notifications and alerts.
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App Transporter
Port your iOS app to Android or vice-versa
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Want to port your existing iOS app to Android or vice-versa? We offer a custom app porting package to recreate your existing mobile app on a new platform. How does this help? Android, iOS, or Windows? Given the current mobile device market, it is difficult to succeed with presence on only one platform. A multi-platform app with an elegant, consistent user experience is a must.
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Startups need to move rapidly in order to grow and succeed in the fast changing mobile technology space, keeping that in mind we help emerging startups to rapidly design, engineer and launch their mobile apps. In simple words, we want our startup partners to go to market within weeks of kick starting the engagement, be it building a new app from scratch or rapidly adapting an existing app to new technologies, OS updates, porting across platforms or simply adding new feature capabilities.


Rapid Design Prototyping
Design leads technology in the current App ecosystem and a good design team is critical for your app’s success. Work with our creative director to quickly create wireframes, visual design mockups, and prototypes to bring your disruptive idea into life.
Mobile, Wearable and IoT Product Development
July is a product company at heart. Our engineering team has built the award-winning mobile app development platform (July MX) from the scratch. Writing complex codes to build stable applications comes naturally to us. Work with one of the best engineering team to rapidly build your mobile, wearable or IoT product.
Mobile App Security & Testing
July’s quality assurance team stays with you through the design, development, and deployment processes to make sure your final product is up to standards and that all bugs and issues are caught early in the process. Our mobile app security and testing services helps you cover the entire spectrum of compliance requirements by ensuring business-critical information is secure and safe from threats.
Managed Cloud Operations
July provides managed cloud operation services that are combined with Uptime commitment and driven through SLA for convenience, ease, and optimization. We have a dedicated team of cloud experts who work 24/7 make sure your app users are getting the information they need with ease. We also provide services to scale up or scale down servers based on the number of users or specific events.
Specialized Outsourced Development Centre (ODC)
We adhere to the best practices of application design, development, launch and management. With more than 14 years of experience in mobility space, our design and engineering team is well-versed with latest technologies and trends in mobility domain. All these expertise makes us the optimal choice for specialized outsourced development center to build, manage and grow your product.
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