RAPID SCALE is a program designed to assist large enterprises develop, launch and manage mobile, IoT and wearable apps.
Retail & CPG
We ‘get’ retail – we have built mobility solutions for many retailers that have helped them capture consumer mindshare and move their products faster.
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Finance & Banking
With our innovative mobile banking solutions, financial companies can take their bank where their customers are. We redefine traditional banking and engage new age audiences better.
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We partner with sports related companies to grow their fan base, maximize their revenue streams and make game days more fun.
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Media & Entertainment
We collaborate with media and entertainment companies to help them keep pace in an ever changing digital world by creating, optimizing and distributing content in innovative ways.
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We empower caregivers to deliver high quality patient care and improve hospital efficiency by leveraging the best of mobile, IoT and wearable technologies.
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Our specialized mobility solutions give high tech companies the agility they need by improving workforce productivity, improving customer engagement and driving operational excellence.
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Mobile Apps are revolutionizing how businesses work today. Decision makers and IT heads in various enterprises now understand the importance of mobile applications in their business strategies. While most organizations are recognizing the need to build their enterprise mobile app, many are uncertain about where to start.

Enterprise mobile app development can be very challenging especially you’re a non-technology company. Choosing the right app developer is very critical to your enterprise mobile strategy and success of your application. Designing, engineering, integrating enterprise backend and managing an enterprise app requires superior expertise that every development studio cannot accomplish. You need a matured studio to reduce the chances of failure. July Systems has years of experience in enterprise application development space with a clientele including brands such as CNN, ESPN, Intel, ToysRUS, CBS, FOX, Hilton, LVMH, Conde Nast and NBC Universal.


Experts in Enterprise Application Development!
Since 2007, July Systems has focused on handpicking some of the finest talents in enterprise application development. With July, you are not dealing with ‘fresh out of school’ developers but with seasoned engineers who have years of development experience on various platforms. This makes all the difference in building a robust and scalable product.
User Experience First!
User experience leads technology in the current market ecosystem. Your employees and clients expect the same top-notch user experience they have seen in consumer apps. A good design team is critical for your enterprise app’s success. At July, we have an award winning design team that extensively focuses on creating engaging user experiences for enterprise applications.
Rapid Enterprise Mobile Development
With increasingly changing demands for mobile apps, speed is the key to success of your enterprise app. At July, we use an innovative solutions framework called Rapid for application development which helps increase your speed to market. You will find more details around rapid development here.

Ideate Before You Work with the Enterprise App Development Team
When you work with July, you don’t directly jump into app development from day 1. You are exposed to some of the best innovators and product managers in the mobility space who help refine your product concept into an exciting user story. Extracting the core value proposition of your requirements and converting it into a product road map is the single most important step to enterprise app development, often overlooked by most development studios.
Managed Cloud Services for your Enterprise App
Most development companies help build your enterprise app. But how many can manage, scale and support your application product post-delivery? The reality is that there is hardly any development company that has specialized knowledge or expertise in cloud hosting and infra service.

July Cloud Services team was the first mobile product team to deploy on the AWS infrastructure. Once your application is ready, our cloud operations team will work with you on

– Cloud hosting services combined with up-time commitment driven through SLA
– Scaling and event handling with SLA where we help scale up or down your mobile services as part of faster adoption of specific events.
– Rapid Iterations : Addition and removal of features, faster and simpler using the App X framework
– Cloud Infra services : Deployment, Cost optimization, Monitoring, Health dashboard for customers
Support Services for your Enterprise Application
Often overlooked as a nice to have service, support services are critical for applications that promise to work seamlessly, providing mission critical service without outage. The Support services team of July offers the following services:

– 24*7 Support Service which comes with ticketing, issue categorization, escalation, follow-up and notification
– Event or application monitoring for specific activities or timeline.
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