Quality Assurance & Testing
Dedicated Team of Expert QA Professionals
Quality is at the forefront of everything we do. Mobile app testing is no different. To deliver successful apps, we have a dedicated team of expert QA professionals possessing in-depth domain knowledge of mobile app testing. Our highly skilled QA team has demonstrated its expertise by delivering several high performing apps. They are well versed with all best practices and advanced methods of testing.
Mobile App Testing
Most app vendors like to showcase their skills in app design and development but rarely do you hear them give ‘mobile app testing’ the importance it deserves. Perhaps testing is not as glamorous as designing but for an app to be truly successful, it is no less essential. With more than 2.5 million apps on App Store and Google Store, users are spoilt for choice. To sway the decision of your prospect in your favor, you need more than an app that works – you need an app that works everywhere and at all times. This makes testing as important as designing and development.
Holistic App Testing Strategy
When we talk about mobile app testing, we think beyond bug fixing. There are many other culprits that can make your users flee – poor app performance, slow loading times, battery drain and network issues. When we run tests – we fix all errors – from the slightest slip to the most glaring bug. To cover all bases, we conduct a variety of tests that include Manual and Automation Testing, Interface testing, Performance Testing, Security Testing, Compatibility Testing and Usability Testing. The smart way to approach testing is to devise a holistic strategy, covering all aspects of app testing.
Combination of Emulator and On-Device Testing
Users will continue to differ in their preferred choice for a mobile phone, and the smartphone manufacturers will continue to differentiate the mobile devices in terms of screen size and other hardware configurations. There is no stopping that. The fragmentation of the mobile world makes mobile app testing very hard. But we don’t ignore it because it is hard. Instead, we gear up to tackle the challenge of mobile diversity. We run a combination of Emulator and On-device testing to get rid of every issue and bug.
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