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In this skim culture, the only way your mobile app can capture and sustain your user’s attention is through great design. At July Systems, our expert panel of designers come from different walks of life and bring with them minds that have been sharpened with experiences across industries.

We have been in the mobile industry for 15 years and our award winning designers have designed apps for feature phones, smartphones, tablets and even apps for wearable devices. The tech industry, unlike others, has limitations and our designers know how to work within its constraints. One-size-fits-all is not the approach we take to designing.

A Design Led Company

Our designers do not take a narrow view of design. To them, it is not just art. It is also involves understanding, observation, analysis and research. They step into the user’s shoes, understand the problem from his perspective, visualize the bigger picture and only then proceed to solve the problem in ways that would benefit the user. To design experiences, one has to use his mind to produce thoughts that have the ability to change the existing situation into a more preferred one.

Strong visualization skill is only one of the many key attributes of our designers. To produce an award winning app design, they work with complexity and think strategically from a user’s perspective. It is their ability to solve problems through inquiry that makes them the most sought after resources in our industry.

Design Consultation

In this digital era, design has fully arrived. It is not an emerging arena anymore; it is a well-established discipline and not everyone is well versed with it. Disruptive innovation requires a thorough understanding of what consumers want and need in their lives, what they like or dislike about the way products are made, packaged, sold and supported. At July, we inform and equip you with all aspects of design.

Prototyping, Wireframes,
And Functionality Maps

Securing seed funds require more than arm chair thinking. Your idea will eventually perish if it does not see the light of the day. To sell, you need to show. To show, you need a prototype. Put simply, a prototype, is your idea, that exists outside of your imagination. It is a tangible validation of your hypothesis.

At July, our designers use their refined sensibilities, time tested method and latest design tools to help match your target market’s needs with what is technologically feasible. They engage and drive collaborative dialogue with your user base to craft the best possible functional prototype for you.
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