Android App Development



Using Android Studio IDE, Android NDK / SDK our Android Team is able to develop high quality Productivity and Utility Apps. Our team has also developed open source libraries that can be integrated to any Android App. By utilizing appropriate documentation tools such as Doxygen and following Android Development Guidelines for Unit Test Development we are able to deliver a high quality product.

Among some of the latest Android features Split-screen and Constraints layout are the most prominent and desirable features. The constraint layout supports responsive UI and easy implementation of complex layouts and our team of Android Developers are excited to incorporate these new features.

Android App Design

Design innovation – that’s what separates us from the rest. We can’t help it – we’re disruptive by nature. Our award winning design team loves to break the moulds. Using empathy, research, prototyping, and validation, they design Android apps experiences that matter to people. With our expertise in Android App design, you can always expect outstanding wireframes and visual design mockups for your Android App project.

Frontend App Development


Java is the primary programming language for Android. We’ve a team of expert JAVA developers with extensive industry experience in building complex Android applications using Java.

Android SDK

Count on our expert team of frontend developers to leverage their in-depth knowledge of Android Studio and Eclipse to build attractive interfaces with industry standard coding principles.


We build quick and cost effective hybrid apps with a native feel. Our app developers have created some of the most exciting cross-platform Android apps using JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3.

Backend App Development


The most popular server-side scripting language. Our developers love it for its agility and great runtime. Being open source, flexible and lightweight makes it an ideal choice for the backend development an app.


If you want rapid Android application development, we can use Python to write its backend. It is a slick, interpreted modern programming language that is known for faster code and easy deployment.


It is Google’s core language for Android mobile application development and our Android app developers have hands-on experience with Java – a great choice for scalable enterprise Android apps.


Our mobile app developers have a solid knowledge of object oriented programming and can design, modify, develop and implement apps and components in Microsoft’s .NET framework.


This is our go-to language when our clients want a complex, high-traffic Android app up and running quickly. The Ruby on Rails framework allows our mobile app developers the flexibility to get creative with code.
Our End-to-End Android Solutions
The capabilities of our Android app development team spans across technologies and domains. Whatever be your mobility needs, our team can help you solve all your tech puzzles, ranging from consumer facing apps to scalable enterprise apps and beyond.

Innovation & Digital Strategy

Our app experts’ work with you to define business objectives, design cues, feature differentiators and solutions needed to solve your problem statement. From choosing the right platform, to identifying the third party integration partners, we help you put the best foot forward.


Work with industry’s best Android developers to build an engaging digital product that covers every aspect of your business: Native Android Apps, Hybrid Android Apps, Smart TV Apps, AR/VR Based Android Apps, Android IOT Apps and Android Wearable Apps.

Management & Support

With a dedicated 24/7 network operations team, we help you manage your Android app and scale up or down your traffic bandwidth for specific events with no service interruption.

User Experience First

We believe that an enticing user experience is the key to convert window shoppers to loyal customers. Consumer behavior research, wireframing, prototyping to pixel perfect visual experience design, we do everything to give you a bleedingly awesome user experience.


App Face Lift
Redesign your existing app
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Design Matters! A comprehensive mobile app design engagement to redesign your existing Android app. How does this help? 1. Capture and engage your app users through great design. 2. Solve any existing design issues and improve ROI 3. Decrease bounce rates and increase daily active users.
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App Refresh
Give a new life to your existing app
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Is your app losing its charm with users? We offer a customized package to recreate your existing app with feature enhancements, solid design, and a robust code that will give a new life to your app. How does this help? 1. Recreate your app strategy to increase your chances of success. 2. Solve any existing design and technical issues. 3. Upgrade your app to the latest OS.
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Web Switch
Turn your website into an App
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Want to convert your web app/site into mobile app? Our Web Switch package is specifically created to build a mobile app for your existing website to leverage native features on mobile. How does this help? 1. A native mobile app operates faster than responsive website. 2. Mobile app will let users browse content even when they’re offline. 3. Ability to re-engage your users through notifications and alerts.
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App Transporter
Port your iOS app to Android
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Want to port your existing iOS app to Android or vice-versa? We offer a custom app porting package to recreate your existing mobile app on a new platform. How does this help? Android, iOS, or Windows? Given the current mobile device market, it is difficult to succeed with presence on only one platform. A multi-platform app with an elegant, consistent user experience is a must.
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Why Choose July?

There are hundreds of Android app development companies out there, so why choose us when all of them promise to do the same thing? For starters, we are not afraid to bend the rules of mobile app development to get you results. We challenge status quo and help define best practices to help you evolve into a “mobile first” company. At July, we design, build and implement award-winning apps used and enjoyed by millions of people. Our Android Product Managers focus on hand-holding our customers for their application development and our senior technical architects have years of experience working with large enterprise systems. By going with July, you are simply reducing your risk of failure.
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