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6 Ingredients That Make A Great Sports App

April 22, 2016

There is an unprecedented demand for high quality fan experience because everybody wants to experience the game differently. Smartphones are providing rich digital experiences to fans through multiple sports apps. If they want to keep track of scores, read compelling backstories of their favorite footballer or buy memorabilia associated with their team, they just have to download an app. But which app? Now that’s a tricky one.

In a market flooded with sports apps, selecting ‘the best’ app can be tough. What makes one app better than the other? Well, the game itself! If your app does not draw inspiration from what it reportedly does, then it’s time to revamp. Here are top 6 ingredients of a great sports app that you should take into account:


1. Personalization

Each user is different and sporting apps need to acknowledge that. People have strong sentimental attachments with their favorite sports, sporting person and team for that matter. Can a fan of Spurs and a fan of Lakers be on the same app with a feeling of belongingness warming them from the inside? An essential element which is often overlooked by app designers, personalization is not optional!

2. Performance

Fans want in on the action as and when it happens. Imagine a die-hard basketball fan streaming a video on your sports app and it freezes right when LeBron dunks – that’s the kind of thing that drives users away. No one has the patience to deal with an app which belatedly informs them about the homerun hit by the Cowboys. The updates should be instant, real-time as we like to call it.

A user-friendly interface designed and coded with an intention of optimizing the performance of the app is an app built to go much more than a mile. Can your app take the load of a game season in its full swing? If not, then customers would soon flock out to install an app which caters to their need for performance.

3. States

An element usually missed out by most apps – reporting the states of each stage of a gameplay. The failure to do so can often infuriate a sporting maniac. While passerby would make do, sporting fans would soon migrate. In order to be the best, your app needs to know the opening from the closing.

It should cover all three bases – pre, during, post games and of course, everything in between. So it rained? Someone got hit in the head? Is your app floundering and abruptly halts without giving you a clue about when would it all begin again? The app needs to work on it!

4. Modes

One of the first features user usually head towards is mode. Not everybody wants to watch on live mode, some prefer lean back mode. Your end user might as well be in commute or at work and wants to be a dormant participant, how well is your app equipped to handle this customer? A winning app always takes this into consideration.

5. Game Play

Millennials love to follow their favorite game no matter where they are period! If your app is getting all the sporting attention without real-time game updates, thank FOMO (fear of missing out) which has bitten every game loving soul in town. While you can never make up for the absence of a flat-screen, an attempt to mimic would never go unnoticed.

Integrating features such as live streaming and social networking feeds into the app can help the user catch up with the wholesome experience of watching a game in the stadium or on a television. They know what’s happening on the field, in the studio, fan moments and the like, meaning, they’re hooked on you for life!

6. Stats

While passive sports lovers would be just about okay with an app which fails to supply comprehensible stats, an ardent sporting fan would see red and eventually take an exit. And you definitely would not want that, right? If you already have the stats in place, what will make a world of a difference is how well you represent them.

Does it have enough visual clue? Does it stick to the elementary rules of the game? Does your app know of the side which should be occupied by the home team and the one to be populated by the away? Well, an eye for detail is the name of the game, go to the game to learn the same!

How to find the right app development studio?

If you aspire to build a successful app but have none at the moment, then it’s time to look through the gloom!

The oft forgotten coaches are all you need. Sports in real and on reel need dedicated coaches, who know the game well, who’ve meticulously analyzed the strengths and weaknesses of the eventual winner. Imagine ‘Rocky’ without Tony Duke Evers or ‘We are Marshall’ without Jack Lengyel. Pretty darn tough, right?

How We Can Help?

A dedicated team of sports fanatics, participants of which have been both, the creator and the user, sports app for us is much beyond ‘a game’. Seeing technology and play come together excites us and meeting the requirement of people from both sides (maker/sellers and buyers) ignites a fire within us. We are almost like a sports movie- persistent and passionate. The prospect of developing an app which would become an indispensable aspect of the end user’s life is an opportunity we’re looking forward to.


While our works in the past would testify about our credibility, we’d like you to highlight a commonality which is shared by both us and sports – fresh! It’s always a fresh face, a fresh name in an old game. Moreover, it’s not just development, the designing, marketing, branding – we have ideas for everything pertaining to sports.

We’ve all bases covered. Are you game to play the mobile game?

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