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5 Technology Trends That Are Revolutionizing Sports

August 18, 2016

Sports saw dramatic technology revolutions in 2015. It continues in 2016. From preventing injuries to tracking the player down to every inch, from improving fan experience and engagement at the stadiums to using VR headsets for practice sessions, let us take a look at the top tech trends that revolutionized sports:


1. Wearable tech: Pulling real time data to optimize performance of your team and also to strategically analyze the movements of the opponent is an excellent use of technology through wearable tech. The Cincinnati Bengals uses Viper Pods – monitoring devices made by STATSports – for GPS data collection during on-field training sessions. Another example is the UK rugby, where players wear GPS units between their shoulder blades to measure speed and distance covered while training and playing. According to reports, a big European client of StatSports had only 20 injuries in a year compared to the previous year’s 44 after using wearable tech.

 2. LBS Technology: Location based services technologies are significantly enhancing fan experience at stadiums around the globe. Technologies such as Proximity MX allows stadiums to identify, track, manage and provide better experience to the fans at-location. From helping fans to locate parking spots to offering paid upgrades to in-seat food/merchandise ordering, location based technology can enhance the experience and increase revenues.

3. Virtual Reality: San Francisco 49ers, Arizona Cardinals, Minnesota Vikings and Dallas Cowboys from the NFL use VR to help train players and coaches. StriVR’s VR technology is being used by these NFL teams as it helps improve the mental timing and performance of every player. According to studies, VR is much more accurate than normal video and hence coaches are able to identify and improve the weaknesses and strengths of the player.

4. Artificial intelligence: The player’s injury costs are enormous for any team and management. Using artificial intelligence and data analysis, Kitman Labs, invented a platform that could drastically reduce the injuries of players and teams. Data is captured from various sources, including a 3D-based video screening tool that captures the movement of athlete with great accuracy. With a single jump, more than 16000 data points can be collected and analyzed.

5. 3D Printing: From printing on high-end cars for F1 to multi-colored printed footwear, 3D printing has been impacting the field of sports for the last 2 years. Apart from specialist mechanical parts, sports gear customization is another field where 3D printing has done its magic, in mouth-guards, shoes and various other gears. Adidas, Nike and other F1 manufacturers have fast adopted 3D printing technology to their work.

The list continues as every aspect of the game can be technologically analyzed and improved.

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