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5 Crazy Gadgets That Connect to Android, On the Move

April 21, 2016

If you have an idea, technology has a way of delivering it. It just happens. Often, technology also plays out in ways we don’t expect. All sorts of strange devices and contraptions start popping out of the closet.


Here are some crazy gadgets that connect to Android and possibly (because we are not sure yet), add value to you while you are on the move:

1. BlueTipz Ice-fishing Transmitter

Fishing is a popular hobby or pastime, and there’s no denying that. But just when you thought that the maximum indulgence you could do with fishing is buy a better can of worms or a shiny fishing pole, you now have the BlueTipz ice-fishing transmitter.

The device can sense fish and alerts you on your Android device. For $40, you can finally cut through not-so-clear waters, be more accurate, and bypass the near invisibility during winter.

2. BACtrack Breath Analyzer

Do you find yourself in pubs, bars, and regular party circuits? Drinking and driving kills, and we certainly don’t want you doing anything like that. Yet, if you have a car and if you did saunter out on a regular weekend, you might do well with the BACtrack breath analyzer.

It’s a device that analyzes the amount of alcohol you consumed. The accompanying Android app tracks your consumptions and keeps a history of your intoxication levels. In a way, it leaves a footprint of your drinking adventures, tells you whether or not you should be driving, and more.

If you ask us, don’t drive after drinking — with or without the BACtrack breath Analyzer.

3. Whistle Dog Activity Tracker

Love dogs and want to know how active it is? You’re in luck – there’s an Android app for that. While most devices, wearables and apps are for humans, the Whistle Dog Activity Tracker is for your pooch.

With the collar attachment, track your dog’s activity levels and even compare that with other dogs’ average of the same breed and age. Out of town? You can still keep a tab on your dog’s health. Connect and store a history of these activity reports by connecting this data over WiFi, if you have to.

4. 94Fifty Men’s Basketball

Who would’ve thought that a ball could have a way to connect with an Android device? Well, you do now. The 94fifty Men’s Basketball is a Bluetooth-connected basketball.

While it meets NBA regulations, it’s a ball that almost seconds your coach’s assistant. The ball, connected to your Android device, monitors all sorts of activity with the ball itself. How do you dribble? How do you make the ball spin? What was the pressure you exerted for each of those winning shots you took?

Now, say hello to your digital basketball coach.

5. Helios Bicycle Handlebar

So, it’s common to see Bluetooth devices and many other apps or devices connect with cars. Somehow, bicycle fans have missed out on the dog-and-pony show.

The Helios Bicycle Handlebar breaks the trend. Connected via Bluetooth to your Android device, the Helios Handlebar gives you controls for the handlebar’s integrated headlights and turn signals. Plus, it also gives you a speedometer and navigation built in.

You are not alone on the bike now, are you?

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